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Why Animal Wellness in Lincoln City Matters


Routine wellness care is vital for companion animals their current life stage and is crucial to life-long health. At Pioneer Veterinary Hospital, we are passionate about animal wellness in Lincoln City, and we're here to provide the right treatment for your family's beloved pet during all stages of their life. Read on to discover what you need to know about routine wellness care and why it is so vital for your beloved fur baby's general health. 



What Are Routine Wellness Services? 

Vet services recommended to defend against disease are considered to be routine wellness services. Usually, a standard wellness appointment includes a thorough physical exam as well as a discussion of services like vaccines and parasite prevention. We may discuss additional topics, too, such as spaying/neutering, behavior or nutrition guidance, having your pet microchipped, or senior pet care.

Why Does Wellness Care Matter? 

Making sure that your cat or dog's wellness needs are met is one of the best things you can do to help them enjoy as many happy, healthy years by your side as possible. Bringing your pet in for preventive care also gives our team an opportunity to spot mild signs of problems and start an appropriate course of treatment as early as possible. Scheduling an appointment every 6 to 12 months (based on your dog or cat's age and whether they have known health problems) can add years to their life.

Why Choose Us for Animal Wellness in Lincoln City?

As experts in animal wellness in Lincoln City, Pioneer Veterinary Hospital is committed to providing the high-quality care your cat or dog needs during all stages of their life. From first vaccines and spaying/neutering and microchipping for puppies and kittens to ensuring their comfort as they grow up, our team is here to provide the wellness care your beloved companion requires to enjoy a long, healthy life. For comprehensive animal wellness in Lincoln City and the nearby areas, contact us today! 


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